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Our "estate conservation" coffee is grown in our homestead farm in the Chiriqui Viejo River valley in the western slopes of the Baru Volcano, the highest point in Panama. Volcanic soil, cool nights, warn sun filtered by shade trees, gentle rains, organic growing techniques and careful milling all combine to provide you with the best possible Arabica coffee. Our land, coffee plants, and ripe cherries are cared for by Ngobe-Bugle Indians who have grown up tending coffee. Everything is done by hand: from picking through the delicate processes of depulping, fermenting/washing, sun drying and sorting. Skill, experience and loving attention to detail are essential to guarantee that only top-grade beans end up in your cup.

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close up of ripe red coffee cherries ripe red coffee cherries on tree Ngobe-Bugle woman harvesting coffee ripe red coffee cherries

"Conservation" coffee is grown using traditional cultivation methods, in its natural habitat under trees, otherwise known as shade coffee that protect biodiversity. Our farm is part of the Panama Conservation Coffee Project.

Traditionally, coffee is grown under the shade of a modified forest canopy with little or no use of agrochemicals. Since much of the biodiversity of tropical forests is found in the forest canopy, this approach allows farmers to produce coffee while still preserving a significant amount of the habitat.

"Estate" coffee is coffee grown, harvested, roasted and packaged all from a single plantation or estate. Estate coffee is never blended with coffee beans from other farms; it is a pure reflection of one estate’s production. We have a “bird friendly” commitment, especially to hummingbirds. Our farm mixes areas of shade grown coffee with tracts of forest that will remain undisturbed to maintain both local and migratory bird populations.

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ripe red coffee cherries on tree sun dried gold coffee beans Coffee roaster Cafe Cielito Sur™

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