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Types Of Bed And Breakfast Establishments

What is a bed and breakfast?

At the most basic level, a bed and breakfast is place often found in a renovated home, mansion or small hotel to spend the night and enjoy a full breakfast (included in the price of the room) in the morning. But every bed and breakfast is different, and there's no single accepted definition. Innkeepers, travelers, B&B associations, lawmakers and others all tend to have different ideas. Even the breakfast part is not 100 percent certain. Some B&Bs offer only a continental breakfast, and some inns which would otherwise be considered a bed and breakfast offer no morning meal at all.

There are defined and very unique differences in the types of bed and breakfast accommodations available to the traveler. These are not rigid standards, but more of a guide. Below are some types of bed & breakfast establishments:

Homestay and/or Host Home

These types of establishments are usually occupied by the owner and hosting guests is a secondary concern. Rooms are often rented to provide additional revenue to it's owners.
Typical Number of Rooms Available: One - Three
Services: Served or self-served breakfast

Bed and Breakfast or B&B

Most establishments being used as bed and breakfasts (B&B) were used as single family residences. These dwellings are often purchased for their location with converting into a bed and breakfast in mind. They are normally owner occupied with more attention to renting of guest accommodations than the primary residence of it's owners.
Typical Number of Rooms Available: Four - Five
Services: Served breakfast and extended guest services may be available

Country Inn

This accommodation model offers overnight lodging and are similar to Bed and Breakfast Inns. They often include extended food service operations similar to a restaurant. The guests meals are often included in the accommodation price and is often referred to as the "Modified American Plan". These establishments may offer their dining services to the general public.
Typical Number of Rooms Available: Four - Thirty
Services: Extended food service and hosting of special events is typically available

Bed and Breakfast - Cottages

These are detached outbuildings or cottages which offer more privacy to guests and often allow family units to share accommodations. Breakfast may be delivered to the room or served in a community dining atmosphere. Owners of these establishments provide cleaning services and offer area/location guidance, but typically have less interaction with the guests and is more popular in some geographic locations and settings.
Typical Number of Rooms Available: One +
Services: Overnight guests served breakfast and cleaning services

Bed and Breakfast - Hotels

Often large historic dwellings offering the atmosphere and services of a typical bed and breakfast. Many of these types of accommodations offer public dining and extended services. These are very large in nature requiring extended staff and services.
Typical Number of Rooms Available: Thirty +
Services: Extended food service and hosting of special events is typically available

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